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Despite of the bulky interm of size and weight. I still think that Spectra 7 Breast pump is value for money .It quite handy and seriously as the website said ‘ It’s an ideal solution’ for me and whoever is thinking to continue breastfeed at least for one year. The price also quite reasonable compare to other brand.

It's a heavy duty breast pump and has been use in hospital. You  need to  have another set of  extra breast shield then it can be converted into a Double Electric breast pump.

Just that like any other brand it has a white rubber diagfram act as a suction vacuum. I wonder if they only sell those because I’m thinking of having a spare. (U have to have one to know what I’ mention about :)).

Listed here are the specs that I copied from a website selling this product. I’ve bought mine at its price is a bit higher compare to now.


Vacuum Pressure: 0 -350mmHg

Motor Durability: 1500 hours

Vacuum Cycle: 46+/-10%

Weight : 2kgs

Warranty: 1 year


I haven't tried so many brands before settling with Mamy Poko. Since from start I’m using Mamy Poko but throughout the months after sending my baby to the nursery me and husband decided to try other brand. It’s because I have to pack 4-5 Mamy Poko per day in case they need to use more.

So we buy Drypers.

Drypers can be considering as cheap and affordable but interm of performance it's not quite good as Mamy Poko. Mamy Poko gives no diaper rashes and doesn't leak but Drypers would leak and I do not like the sticky sticker.

I've read some comment from user that uses other brand .It most likely a tie between Mamy Poko and Huggies Ultra dry. Most people opt for Huggies day time because it's much cheaper iterm of the price and use Mamy Poko night time.

I've also read comment from user that some of them thinks that the green strip on Mamy Poko (for M size and above) resulting baby bum red and irritation .It happens to my baby recently but since he's just recover from diarrhea and I’m using Drypers and Mamy Poko at the same time so I couldn't figure out which factor is causing it.

Within this week I’ll stop using Drypers. I’ll only use Mamy Poko and update the result.


Is it safe despite of multiple award winning ?

For me yes it is.

It's actually a product that helps your baby to seat with a proper support.It grips because the chair itself kind of spongy and rubbery so it molds according to the baby body.

You can feed ur baby easily if u put his/her into the chair.

But seriously..please don't be that stupid to use it on any elevated surface.Most injuries occurred when the Bumbo Baby Sitter Seats was placed on a raised surface such as a counter or a table.

And bear in mind to use it as a baby sitter by his or her self unattended while u leave and do something else.It is totally inadvisable.As for any other chair, it can topple to any side if the baby move vigorously.

Furthermore u can't sit the baby too long on chair no matter how comfortable they chair might be.It just that the backbone of the baby it doesn't develop fully yet.

Easy to clean and can be use if u want to bath the baby.

As for me, it is worth the money :)
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