Food 4 Baby

Kiwi Fruits
7 Months

Of all the fruits that I’ve feed my son, he liked kiwi the most. Although kiwi is quite acidic but is rich in vitamin c, fiber, potassium and even folate. Kiwi is not a high allergen.I've read that acidity of the fruit sometimes may prompt mouth rashes and possibly rashes on the bottom. So I don't suggest taking it frequently.First I’ve asked him to hold the kiwi slices himself but then it's easier to feed him by spooning him.

I haven't tried to mix it with other fruits of foods but I’ve heard that u can mix it with apples, avocado, blueberries, pears and even chicken. Amazing eh :)

Heinz Farley Rusks (Original)
7 Months 

Recently I feed my son with Farley's Rusk Original. Most of the review I’ve read they've said it’s recommended as because they’ve included the vitamins, calcium and so on .It's also good tools  to prepare them for solid food. This is only a first pack so I can't really remember how much I bought for it.

Well I've tried to give him several time but he doesn't took it very well and end up playing with it .Maybe he's just not use to the taste yet but the good point is that he did learn how to shove it into his mouth and taste it  with his tongue.I wouldn't give him these too often though , because I find it quite sweet, although they do claim they contain no added sugars but I don't know, it's a mass made. So how do they really do as they claim it? I think I would treat it as an occasional treat otherwise he could end up getting hooked on really sweet treats rather than proper nutrious food.

One of the major points to consider that it can be terribly messy. There's lot of the food dribbles out of their mouths and the crumb is all over the place. And in one review I’ve read they said it can contribute to overweight toddlers.Uhu!

Allergy Warning
These rusks contain wheat and therefore gluten and are unsuitable for those with a gluten intolerance or allergy and also not suitable for babies under 6 months. They also contain milk, but do not contain eggs or soya and are suitable for vegetarians.
This is it!
Boring makan!
Main!! * I'll get away with this because mummy loves me too much*

Rice porridge with carrot & anchovies
6 Months 

  1. Put 1/4 cup of rice grain into your pot then wash the rice thoroughly and repetitiously
  2. Well-washed rice is important as you want to wash away any excess rice flour which may affect the texture of the congee.
  3. Add one 2-3 cup of water and then cook until very soft and the water are absorbed into the rice.
  4. Put slice carrot and dried anchovies keep on adding the water until u can see it turn to porridge.
  5. Stir the porridge and keep on adding water.
  6. Turn to medium heat as soon as it starts to boil. Continue simmer for 15-20 minutes. Stir occasionally. The congee is ready when the rice turns into a porridge-like texture
  7. Scoop it out and then put formula or expressed breast milk into it.
  8. Mashed and stir both ingredients together.
  9. Also at 6 months you can use cow’s milk as a mixer to cook the porridge but better use formula or expressed breast milk as the nutritional value is a lot higher.
Comment: He didn’t eat much anyway. Just a few scoop. Then he start to feel anxious.  :)

Introducing Solid Food
4.09.10- 5 Months 2 Weeks 

Puzzle when suddenly he has to wear a bib.
Happy becouse he knows finally he gets to eat.
First try on the HEINZ Organic.Hope he likes it.
From the expression i don't think he enjoyed it.

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